Monday, June 13, 2011


I’ve only played a few hours of minecraft here and there, over the year or so since it’s been out. Mostly because my laptop actually could not run the game- ugh- but also just due to time.

I was an hour or two into my first game and was just starting to realize how little I knew of it, and how incredibly entertaining it was, when I decided that I wanted to chronicle my game. Initially it was just going to be a couple of screen shots and a few jumbled notes, but that didn't last long.

What follows is the adventures of one Matheson Squareface Quiverbottom, Esq, as he and I attempt to navigate the changing and dangerous world of Minecraft, recreate a world in his image, and hopefully not get buried under tons of sand or lava in the process.

I’ll be playing with two house rules:

I have to eat once a day, and food must be a top priority, just as it would be in life. This means, even if the world is swarming with creepers and I’m armed only with wool and string, I still have to attempt to forage (obviously creating a safe food supply will be a top priority).

I only get two respawns (three lives).

I heavily considered just limiting myself to one life, but I figured it would be really shitty if I died due to something stupid and had to give this up after putting hours into it. Three deaths still means I have to be incredibly cautious- it is quite easy to die- while allowing me some wiggle room. I don’t think it’s terribly unrealistic; think of it as two close calls, that Matheson somehow awakes from, covered in scars but hopefully smarter.

I’ll be playing on Hard, initially with no mods but I will certainly add some over time as I get a better handle on the game (and provided they are save game compatible.

This AAR may, and most likely will, contains adult language, themes, and situations. After a long time alone in the middle of nowhere, sheep start to look real pretty. You have been warned.

And finally, I'd like to dedicate this AAR to three people:
  • Living In Oblivion is a hilarious account of a guy playing Oblivion as an incredibly ugly, cowardly NPC. It changed my whole concept of what an AAR could be and kept me wanting more for months.
  • Me, Floris is a massive Mount and Blade AAR, and probably one of the most popular after-action reports of all time. I don't know how he does it, but I read all 50+ of posts and just kept coming back.
  • And last, but not least, to Becky, who unintentionally inspired this whole project. 
Alright then, on to the first post!

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